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Frequently asked questions - Wedding shoes


All designs are my own. I will not copy other makers designs or infringe on copyright of large companies. I will not re-create Disney designs, and style of Star Wars/DC/Marvel items. 

I can do pet portraits and floral designs. I can add elements of insects, butterflies at the link to designs at no extra cost.

Do not copy my shoe designs for your own business purposes.


I am happy to add most elements to shoes to work with your wedding themes. Simply send over your design ideas and I can create a few template ideas for you to consider. Please allow 2-3 days for your designs to be drawn up and sent. I will quote a making time when the design is ready and accepted.


Shipping costs are based on weight and so sometimes my calculations are over or under the cost. If the cost is much more than shipping costs, I am happy to refund the difference. European shipping is typically between £14 and £20 and US is between £22 and £26. I use a comparison website for shipping and I  choose the cheapest but also most reliable tracked service available for each individual order. I often use PARCEL FORCE 5 day delivery, ROYAL MAIL 7-10 day or UPS 4 day - depending on location and weight.

Shoe types

Most of the designs in my shop can go on most shoe types. High top designs may need to be moved around to work with lows and vice versa, but I am happy to make changes before you purchase so that you can see via a sketch, what it will look like.

Why pick us?

All of our shoes are hand stitched in the UK. The shoes themselves are made by the respective companies that manufacture them and we purchase through online stores to customise. All designs are made by me and all shoes are carefully hand stitched by myself in my home studio. .

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